Organization Staff

Permanent staff are those people who are involved in all phases of your event; planning, running and review. They are part of your team either year around or at least for many months.

Who can be Organizational staff? Organization owner, managers, event planners, regular staff and consultants, etc. 

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Event Team Members 

Event crew are those people who usually only get involved with the running of the event. They are part of your team for a short time only - though they might get involved with a number of your events. 

Who can be Event Team Members? Volunteers, casual contractors, vendors, etc. 

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A record is what Blerter refers to a individual items that fall into either a BLert, Alert, Hazard or Incident 


Following a record in Blerter allows you to be kept in the loop with Push Notifications when there are new comments, or edits and updates to the record. 

This can be done by selecting ‘Follow’ at the bottom of the comments box, or you will be automatically set to follow once you placed your first comment. 

To Unfollow and stop receiving Push Notifications simply select ‘Follow’ again which will then take you to the page with all the followers and an opportunity to ‘Unfollow’.  Note you are unable to ‘Unfollow’ any other other users.

Event Status

Keep your finger on the pulse of your event  with the Statuses as they each play an important role for your event.
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All new events are given the default status of being In Planning. Here you can plan all aspects of the event including registering all Hazards, preplanned communications via Alerts and load up all your event documentation for your teams to view.
Only Organizational staff can view events in this stage. 


Active indicates that your event is now live.  This includes your pack in and pack out of the venue. Crew can now be added (charges will start to apply) and you can start communicating with your team by sending Alerts or chat messages. The team will also be notified when you add new Hazards.  Your team will be able to send Blerts to the Operations Center so that actions can be taken to a run and smooth and efficient event. 

When you change your event Status to Active, make sure the Visibility and Onboarding Codes are adjusted so your crew can find and access the event. 


The event pack down is complete and changing your event status from Active to Complete will also stop your Crew Billing for which you will be invoiced at the end of the month. When checking crew out you will have the opportunity to send a Thank You message.

Complete all your tasks, make sure all Incident Reports are completed and review all Alerts, Hazards and other information to take note of learnings for future events. 

Easily export the spreadsheets so you can analyse the data, measure your teams performance, spot trends to prevent future issues.

Note this is the final stage of the event where you can make changes to the data. Once the event is archived no further updates are possible. 


Note: Once an event is Archived this cannot be undone. 

The event is now wrapped up.  Whilst no changes can be made the event, learnings can continue here as you can return back to the event data in Desktop at any time. 

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