You will need a QR code

Your Event Organizers may have included this in the original email, poster or however they contacted you, this is the first place to check. 

If you haven't received a QR code - please ask them to resend this to you.

Join Event

Make sure you Join the event and Check in - here's a quick video that will walk you through the steps.

My phone doesn't allow me to download a QR Code

We've noticed that some phones bought overseas may not allow you to download the QR code. This is a phone setting so unfortunately there's nothing we can do here. However, we have ways to get around this.

Simply ask your manager to send it to you via a link, they can do this from their phone or a desktop - whatever they have handy.
They will send you a link through a text message, simply click this link and it will take you to join the event.

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