Managers and Team Leaders can create event specific Tasks attached to Hazards, Incidents or Documents.

Adding a new Task:  

  1.  Ensure you are in the correct Event (if not, select the event name panel at the top of the dashboard to switch and Check-In to the relevant event) 

  2. On Mobile tap Tasks on the Event Dashboard or select Tasks from the Desktop Event Menu.*Note, if you are not seeing the Tasks icon this means that you do not have permissions to add Tasks to this Event. Contact your Event Manager to request permissions. 

  3. In the top right corner tap on the + /ADD icon and choose whether you want to attach your Task to a Hazard, Observation, Incident or Document. 

  4. Select the specific Hazard, Observation, Incident or Document you wish to attach your Task to.*Please note, you can only add Tasks to published Hazards, Incidents or Documents which will be shown on the next screen.

  5. On the next screen enter a title for your Task, set the priority level, assign the Task to a person, set the due date and add general details of the Task.

  6. Tap Save in the top right corner. 

  7. Your Task is now created

Edit a Task 

  1. Select the Task from one of the following option

  2. Mobile - Task or To-Do on the Home page 

  3. Desktop - Task menu in the Event List

  4. Mobile & Desktop - Straight from the Hazard, Document or Alert. Note: in an Incident select ‘Manage’  to view, manage and edit your tasks. 

  5. Tap on the Edit icon in the top right corner. 

  6. Select Save 

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