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About Event RunSheets
About Event RunSheets
Plan a smooth event execution with real-time Event Run Sheets. Fields include Start & End Time, Activity, Location, People Responsible etc.
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What is an Event RunSheet? 

On each event day, the RunSheet is the most critical piece of the puzzle, often referred to as the Event Bible as the operations plan for how individual timelines are working together to make the event work successfully. 

The real-time RunSheet allows you to add, remove activities during your planning stages as well as in the moment on the day. Notify your entire team from your Operations Centre or from your phone when an event is on time, delayed or rescheduled. 

RunSheet Activity
Each new line item in your schedule is entered as a 'New Activity'. Learn about Creating new Activities 

More about RunSheets

Who can create RunSheet activities 

Event Managers and Team Leaders who have joined the event will have RunSheet managing rights. Learn more about Event Roles here.

Who can see Run Sheets?

By default, all Event Team Members will be able to see all activities created in RunSheets. This setting cannot be changed.

What happens when a new RunSheet activity is added?

All RunSheet activities will appear in the RunSheet menu which can be accessed via the icon on the Dashboard which will change to dark blue to indicate that a new activity has been added (it will be grey if there are no new activities).

There are currently no Notifications associated with RunSheet, but watch this space for exciting updates in the future.

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