Create an exceptional event story with Blerts 

Blerting is one of the core elements of the Blerter platform and is a great way to tell a story during your event. The more people you can get Blerting, the more knowledge you will have of what’s happening on the ground, which will help your efforts in continually improving your event.

About a Blert:

To revisit what a Blert is - it is incoming communication from anyone that is on the app. It comes directly to you and anyone on your team that are set as a Manager or a Team Leader for the event. Note - It cannot be viewed by Crew. 

This gives you the ability to be able to review what is coming in, process it and decide how you want to proceed. Don't just limit it to things that need attention. Get your team celebrating the successes as well, then you know what aspects of your event you should continue for the next year, along with the improvements. 

Now it’s time to Blert!

Join Blerter on your Mobile and send a Blert through the Playground. Make it relevant to your event so it means something when your team see it. Note -  You only need to fill out the "What" box to send a Blert, however, we love context (and we're sure you do too) so encourage people to fill out as much as they can as this gives you a better idea on how you need to respond. 

You can include the people that were involved, either by using the + sign and selecting one or more team members or simply type a name or description if you don't have a name. Advise any medical assistance that has been given. Reminder - this does not replace your usual process for an emergency, such as an emergency services call. Make sure people are safe, the area is clear and then send a Blert retrospectively about what happened.

You can either drop a pin on where the Blert has been sent from, free type a location or leave as.  If you have locations turned on for Blerter on your phone, this will automatically geolocate your position.

Click send.

This will notify any of your Managers and Team Leaders that there is a new Blert and it can be managed by a mobile phone or on desktop

Blerter Tip: Blerts can also be used as internal reminders for you and the team post-event. So when you have those Aha! moments about your event, or you want to change something for the next year, send a Blert with 'Reminder for next year' or 'Learning', and close it straight away. You don't have to stress anymore about your paperwork accidentally ending up in the bin or the pen writings on your arms getting washed off (we've all been there) - The information is all safely stored for when you're ready to tackle your next event.

Blerter Playground Task:
So now jump back into the console on Desktop or your dashboard on mobile. You will see the new Blert has arrived and is sitting there waiting for you to acknowledge it. Acknowledge it by either free typing an answer or using one of the prefabricated ones.

Once acknowledged you will see that it has moved into "Acknowledged Blerts". From here you have various options. The context of the Blert will depend on what you do next, but don’t worry about this just yet,  we will run through how to Manage a Blert in the next lesson.

Blerter Tip: Make it a Team Exercise! Work with your team to send different Blerts that are relevant to your event and get them to go through and acknowledge it on the console. Remember that the desktop is the only place you can see the console, but you can still manage Blerts from your mobile on the run, try this out as well.

By trialling it with your team you will get an understanding of how the notifications work, have some fun and get in the habit to #BlertAboutIt!

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