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Getting Started

Get your organizational team, contractors, volunteers and suppliers exploring on Blerter - through different roles & permissions

Create Your Event From Planning to Live

Create your first event. Learn about Templates, Reports, Console, Event Status, Geolocation & everything inbetween


What are Blerts & why are they so valuable to your event


How to manage Alerts & what they're all about


Download the crucial event information in your head & on your computer to instantly educate your event team


Whether you call it a schedule, itinerary, line up, activity log, Keep your team updated in real-time with Runsheets


Tasks ensure you stay on top of everything before, during & after your event


Incident help you to keep track of things that go wrong at an event, from finding lost children and managing crowds to athlete injuries


We all have hazards at our events. Control and mitigate your Risk register by informing your whole team of what's going on at your event.

Your event Squad

Tips, tricks and resources to get your team on board, engaged and educated about your event and Blerter.

FAQ's for Crew, Volunteers, Suppliers & Contractors

Here is everything you need to know if you are part of the event day team. Find all the answers from signing on, quick guides on how Blerter works and what your Event Manages are looking for from you being on Blerter.

Checklists, Resources & Articles

Featuring a collection of event checklists, intersting resources and articles featuring international guest writers


Manage your account and billing details. Blerter Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Blerter Integration Partners

Blerter is proud to collaborate and integrate with industry leading organizations

Feature Release & Improvements

Find out a bit more detail about our releases.