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Download The App & Manage Your Profile

Download the App on Android or iOS - Create, update & edit your profile so team members know who you are

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Blerter is the tool that helps event teams be connected, informed, productive and safe. Whether you are a manager, event crew or a volunteer, Blerter provides you with the direct line of communication to your event organizers. You can quickly share any concerns, suggestions and other observations by sending a Blert and the organizers will share important information with you by sending out Alerts. With Blerter you also have access to general event information such as maps and schedules.

Please note that Blerter does not replace a 111 call in an emergency situation. 

Download the Blerter App

As a first step, you need to download the Blerter app to your Android or iOS device (smartphone or tablet). Follow the links below to view the app in the stores or search for Blerter in your app store.

Click here for iOS App Store.
Click here for Android Google Play.

Create (or update) your Profile 

Once you have downloaded the app you can sign up with your email address. You will then be prompted to create your profile. Make sure you upload a profile image to make it easy for other team members to recognize you. 

In some cases, a profile might have already been set up for you and login details have been shared with you. If that's the case, please make sure you check your profile information and edit it if needed.

The first time you open the Blerter app it will ask you to allow push notifications and geo-location tracking. Please allow both! This is really important for the managers to be able to communicate with you and view your exact location when you report an issue.

Updating and Editing your Profile

On mobile: 

  1. From the home page tap on the profile symbol (R) in the top left

  2. Then tap the three dots in the top right and select Edit

  3. Tap add/change your profile photo tap on the photo area

4. Edit your details and then tap Save (top right)

5. Please make sure the ‘Show Email’ and ‘Show Phone’ sliders at the bottom remain green so other crew members can see your contact details when needed

6. From your main profile page tap the "+" symbol next to Certification to add certificates such as first aid, and other special training

On desktop:

  1. Select the profile symbol (R) in the top right corner

2. You can now make changes by selecting Edit or Add

3. After editing make sure to save in the bottom right

Please ensure the ‘Show Email’ and ‘Show Phone’ sliders at the bottom ticked so other crew members can see your contact details when needed

Next Step - Learn about Joining Events & Checking-In here.

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