Join Your Team on Blerter

  1. New To Blerter: Simply Download the App from Google Play or App store
    If you have been given a QR code or link, this will take you straight to the Google Play or App Store.
    Note: It's important to allow Notification and Geolocation.

  2. Create your account:
    You will need to create an account before you can join an event. This can be done by
    1. Select a social login like Google, Facebook, or Apple. Simply click and you're in - you won't need to remember a new log-in and password.
    2. Create a login by entering your email and a password.

  3. Join your event team:
    The QR code will take you straight to joining your event. Select JOIN and then you will be taken through to the event Check-In page (see step 4).
    If you haven't downloaded a QR code yet, select 'Scan an Event QR Code' to bring up the QR scanner.
    If you have been sent a link from the event organizers, simply select this link

  4. Check-in:  Once you have joined the event, you can Check-In. The Check-In page will have important information directly from the Event Organizers about the event. Please read it carefully and acknowledge each item to enter the event.

Now you're all set to go. You can view Alerts, Hazards, Document, and details about your team. If you want to communicate something with your event managers, simply send a Blert. Below you can find a few Quick Start Videos and Tutorials to help you get started and get the most out of Blerter. 


  1. From the menu, tap on Event, then tap Check In next to the project name

  2. Review and acknowledge the current Alerts, Hazards, Documents, and other information
        a) Documents need to be read and acknowledged before you can move forward. Tap on the document to open it

  3. Tap Check-In at the bottom of the screen once you’ve acknowledged all information. If you are stuck here - ensure all information is ticked/ acknowledged

  4. Once checked in, you will be taken to the Event Homepage

That's it! Now you are set up are ready to go!
To see what is happening in each Channel, simply select the channel, and then you'll see the Blert Feed so you can start engaging with your team!

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