The Console provides a single view on all event activity for the Ops Centre and Event Managers using Blerter including:

  • New, Acknowledged and Actioned Blerts

  • Alerts that have been communicated to the wider team 

  • Incidents that need attention and actions

  • Conversations across all Blerter, Incidents and Hazards

 1. Event Menu

 The Event Menu is available at all times for you to deep dive into all the entries for a specific component like Alerts or Hazards instead of the just an overview of the latest entries. 

2. Individual Record Components 

The value with the Console is being able to see an overall view of all the event components on one page.  The information box advises the descriptions of the Blert, Incident and Alerts and also advises in real time what the last actions on it where.

There are also important visual highlights on the severity and location for efficient prioritization. 

3. Conversations

Conversations keep the Operations Centre of the communications that are currently going on throughout the event.  The Console gives the Ops Centre to focus on the event as a whole, or to only view the Conversation of the Team Member looking operating the Console. 

Conversations also allow you a quick view or action direct from the Blert, or select the conversation for the message pop up box to appear, allowing the Ops Centre to see the entire conversation and also reply without having to leave the Console.

4 Switch Events Quickly and Configuration the Console

The top of the Console gives you access to all the other events within an Organization. 

Change your Console Look and Feel

At Blerter we understand that flexibility throughout events are paramount. The console is therefore designed to be flexible and work independently to each event and each team.

Best Practice Tip: We do recommend that your organization keep to the same Console layout for organizational continuity, ensuring any member of staff can pick up where the last member left off.

Event → Console → Configure → Select ‘Edit’ or ‘Remove’ Tile as required → Update Panel Settings → Save

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