Creating new users in Blerter involves assigning them with the right level of permission so they can complete their daily tasks, including creating their own seamless events.  The Organization Manager controls what permissions the organizational staff have access to and what they can or can’t do in Blerter.

Organizational Permissions

Licenced staff can have different permission  within your organization. There are three different permissions available and they can be assigned to only one, or all three depending on their job within your organization.

The roles all have specific capabilities to allow your organization flexibility in how it will set up Blerter.  Permissions are not Event specific nor are they related to any of the Events that have been created.

Organization Staff Permissions

There are three different permissions that can be assigned to an organizational staff member. More than one permission can be allocated to a staff member.

To modify permissions follow:

  1. Staff

  2. Select Staff

  3. Edit

  4. Select appropriate permission(s)

  5. Save

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