Manage Incidents  

Recording Incidents is a critical part of any business’s health and safety system. For most businesses, it’s something that’s required by law!

Blerter’s pre-set incident templates, intuitive three-panel layout and clear help text make it super easy for anyone in the business to record incidents.

Who can create Incidents?

Channel Owners and Managers roles have Incident editing rights can create and manage Incidents. Members will not have any access to viewing or creating Incidents.

Who can see Incidents?

By default, only Channel Owners and Managers can see Incidents in Blerter. They are not visible to general Members unless you change the settings of the Members Role.

Assigning an Incident

It is important that an incident is assigned to a specific person, this person will be accountable for the incident as a whole.

To assign a user to an Incident:
In Record > EDIT > ASSIGNED TO > Select user and Save.

All tasks will be assign to this user, they will be able to re-assign ant tasks to users as they see fit.

On Desktop: Select Task > Edit > Assign > Select User > Save

On Mobile: Select Task > Assign > Select User

Note: Only users in the specific Channel can be chosen.

What happens when a new Incident is added?

All new Incidents will be added to both the Blerter Console and Incident page with the latest Incident showing at the top of the page. 

On mobile the Incident will live within the specific Channel.

All team members that have Incident editing and/or viewing rights will receive a push notification informing them about the new Incident in real-time. They will also receive a push notification when an existing Incident is edited.

When creating your incident you will choose the priority whether the Incident is viewed as Low, Medium or High. This can be edited at any stage if the incident escalates or decreases in priority.

Types of Incidents 

Incidents should be noted from the moment bump in starts allowing persons to have access to the event site through to the final bump out checks have been completed and the final persons leaves the site. 

Created your Own Type.

We understand all events have their own processes, therefore Blerter has created the ability to create your own Incident Types.

From the Incident Page:

Select Manage Templates > Add New Template > In Type Field select an existing Type OR Select 'Create New' in blue text. > Create new Type by typing the name > complete all remainder field > Save.

Note: Once Saved this Type will be available for selection when creating further Incidents, or when escalating/decreasing an Incident Type.


Someone is injured and requires a certain level of medical attention.
This is useful for logging Did Not Finish (DNF) due to an injury such as a broken limb that occurs before or during the event. 


A scenario where something almost happened that could have injured someone, this also includes a   template to set off a formal investigation if it is required.  


Someone is unwell and requires a certain level of medical attention
This is useful for logging Did Not Finish (DNF) due to an illness such as exhaustion, dehydration before or during the event.


Something happened that caused damage to property or equipment, whether owned by the events or a third party, photos are particularly useful to highlight the damage. 


An attendee, participant, supplier or anyone on site behaving in a way that requires further reporting or  a formal investigation. 


Something happened in the environment for example weather, natural disasters etc. 


Something happened related to the infrastructure such as a power outage, IT systems outage etc. 


A open template related to any other type on incident that does not fit into the above types that requires reporting and investigating

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