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About a Blert

Communicate and share anything with your event organizers. Blerts will only be seen by managers who will action them as needed.

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Creating a Blert

How to create a Blert on Mobile and Desktop

  1. Create a new Blert by tapping the + Blert on the bottom of the page on Mobile or on Desktop follow Blert → Add located in the top right hand corner

  2. Complete the Blert with as much information as  possible
       a) What happened, describe the situation and how it happened
       b) Add Photos - use either existing photos from your gallery or take a new one.
       c) Who is involved, it is it a Team Member select + or free text the name/ athlete number etc.
       d) Slide the bar if Medical assistance was required, skip this step if not
       e) Make sure the event and location information is accurate:
           - The location will default to where the event is being held
           - Click the event icon to change event
           - Click the location icon to check and move the pin to your exact location
           - Describe your location (e.g. which side of the road/park/venue landmarks)

  3. Tap Send in the top right corner.   

Editing a Blert

You can edit a Blert after it has been sent – until it has been acknowledged by a manager. 

This enables the workforce to add additional information, make corrections and generally make sure the Blert has as much detail as possible.

Once a manager has acknowledged the Blert is can no longer be edited. But if the situation changes after the initial Blert has been actioned, the team member can add comments to the Blert.

  1. Select the Blert you want to edit.

  2. Tap on the Edit icon in the top right corner of the Details Panel

    You can edit all Blerts you sent that are currently shown under that status New. Once the Blert has been acknowledge and/or action by a manager the Status will change to In Progress and it can no longer be edited. However, you are still able to add comments.

  3. Edit the Details

  4. When done, tap Save in to the top right corner

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