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Comment on or Edit a Blert
Comment on or Edit a Blert

Once a Blert is created they may need more information or pass on instructions on your next step. These are done through comments.

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Commenting on a Blert, or Edit information 

Adding comments to Blerts

Both the person who sent the Blert and the manager can add comments at any point independent of whether the Blert is New, In Progress or Closed.

This is a great way to seek clarification and add or correct information after the Blert has been actioned.  

  1. Select the Blert you want to add a comment to.

  2. Scroll down to the Comments section.

  3. Tap the + icon to add a new comment.

  4. Add your comments and then tap the send icon.

  5. A notification is sent to the person who reported the Blert as well as everyone who has the right role and permissions to manage Blerts.

  6. All comments added here will also show in your Conversations area.
    Select Conversations from the main side menu to view all your conversations.

 Note that you can only add comments until the Blert has been actioned. Once it has been converted or linked to a Hazards, Incident or Document you can no longer add comments because all discussion should now be captured on the newly created Hazards, Incident or Document 

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