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Acknowledge, Reblert & Convert your Blert
Acknowledge, Reblert & Convert your Blert

Information is key to creating a detailed Blert. Acknowledge and add detail to the Blert before converting it to a Hazard, Incident or Alert

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Acknowledge the Blert 

Acknowledge the Blert to make sure the person who sent it knows you’ve received it.

  1. Tap on Acknowledge Blert in the green area.

  2. Add the acknowledgement message you want to send or select one of the pre-set options below the text box.

  3. Tap Acknowledge to send the message to the person who submitted the Blert.

Create Informed Blerts through Comments. 

Before you acknowledge and/or action a Blert, you might require additional information from the person who reported it .
Communication through Comments is perfect for that.

  1. Select the Blert you want to manage either from the Notifications page or directly from the Blerts page (click the Blert icon on the main Dashboard).

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see the Comments section.

  3. Tab the + icon to add a new comment.

  4. When a new comments is added, the person who sent the Blert will get a notification and can reply to your comment.

  5. All comments added here will also show in your Conversations area.
    Select Conversations from the main side menu to view all your conversations.

 Note that you can only add comments until the Blert has been actioned. Once it has been converted or linked to a Hazards, Incident, Observation or Document you can no longer add comments because all discussion should now be captured on the record of the object.

Convert the Blert

Tap on Action this Blert from the green “What to do next” panel.

  1. Select whether you want to convert the Blert to a new object or link to an existing one and select the object you want to convert or link to Blert to:

  2. Select Incident if something has happened that you need to respond to, manage and potentially investigate.

  3. Select Hazard if the Blert identified a potential for someone to be harmed.

  4. Select Alert if you need to instantly communicate the message but it is not classed as a Hazards or Incident

  5. Select Document if you want to store and share health and safety information such as plans, processes and meeting notes.   

  6. You will be able to create your object or link to an existing one - this depends on what selection you made.

Close the Blert

If there are no further steps required with this Blert, close it from the top right menu. 

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