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Add, Remove and Manage Licensed Staff

Add and remove licensed staff from your Organization. Invite staff to join and create events.

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Add, Remove and Manage Licensed Staff

Add more Staff Licenses
To add more, or remove licensed staff to your account follow:

  1. Blerter Accounts Page

  2. Select Manage Licenses

  3. Increase or decrease licenses as required

  4. Next

  5. Confirm if all details are correct. 

  6. The Organization owner will receive an updated invoice 

Enough Licenses? Great! Now invite your team to use Blerter
When the organization has been set up it is important to add your licensed staff onto Blerter, complete their details in Staff for them to receive a Welcome email so they can set up a profile and join the business. 

Dependent on your organizations structure you may choose to Add all the events first and assign team members once this is complete.  Alternatively you may choose to Add your Staff Members first so that they can add the events they manage themselves as they learnt to use Blerter. At Blerter we recommend the later as this means your staff will get comfortable with Blerter faster and growing their knowledge of the App, ultimately increasing efficiencies within your organization.

Add Staff Members - Staff Members Add Own Events

  1. Dashboard InvitationOrganization 

  2. Staff 

  3. Invite 

  4. Complete all contact details, select Permissions, (do not select Select Events, select Event Role)  

  5. Add person (repeat as required) 

  6. Validate 

  7. Send

Existing Event - Add Staff Members 

  1. ADD EVENTS (follow Link to Add Event) 

  2. Dashboard InvitationOrganization 

  3. Staff 

  4. Invite 

  5. Complete all contact details, select Permissions, Select Events, select Event Role  

  6. Add person (repeat as required) 

  7. Validate 

  8. Send

Remember, make sure your users check their SPAM/junk mail if they haven’t received a Blerter email, and mark as a friendly contact!

Invitation Sent! What next? 

Once your invites are sent they will receive an automated email with the subject line ‘Blerter - You’ve received an invitation to join’ with instructions on how to set up their account and complete their profile. They will also receive instructions on how to set up their respective events, which as the organization Owner you will have full access to view and manage as required.
Your list can also be uploaded from a spreadsheet, please download the template to ensure the proper format is followed for a successful implementation. 

How many staff you can add to your Organization will depending on the amount of licences you have purchased.  For more information on your staff licences, adding more staff or to view your available licences:
Dashboard Account → Manage licences 

Can I add guests from outside my Organization?

Yes, of course. There are two separate options to choose from depending on what capabilities they need to have: 

  1. To have full Event capabilities including create, managing and editing events and crew you can add them as an Organization's user license. Not enough users? Learn how to add more here [INSERT LINK]

  2. If your guests are attending an event you can add them as a Team Member, once they have Checked-In to the event they can be promoted to Manager or Team Leader depending on their purpose within the event and your organization. To understand more about Event Roles click here [INSERT LINK]

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