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Monthly Billing
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Monthly Billing 

Monthly billing is a great plan if you don’t want to pay for a whole year at once, and prefer to split the payments into small increments as opposed to one large payment. You and your team still have full access to all Blerters’ great features including the Console, real-time communication to your workforce and access to your events analytics. 

Monthly billing do have a few obstacles to consider.
Once your subscription is cancelled all of the information from your event will remain on Blerter allowing no further access to the information for your team. 

There are also higher recurring incidental billing costs to your organization with a high risk of increased transaction costs on payment failures which will then need to rectified an account cancellation occurs. 

Monthly Billing Period

Staff User Licences

Your monthly subscription date start on the day your processes your first payment, and will automatically renew on this day for all subsequent months until a cancellation is requested. Staff Licences are paid in advance. 

Team Member licenses 

Team Members will start their monthly subscription when the event has been set to LIVE status and is valid for either 1x month or when the event moves to completed, whichever occurs first. The number of team members will then be charged with the following months billing date. Crew licenses are paid as per users and therefore charged post event. 

What is the minimum subscription period?

There are two billing subscription models to choose from, either Monthly or Annual Billing, allowing you the flexibility your organization needs to host a successful event. 

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