When the event has been set up it is important to add your team to the event, this can be done for staff that are already part of your organization, or you can invite new team members to join the team through the Dashboard or with your instructional crew email with the QR code.

Adding team members to Blerter

There are a few ways to add team members onto Blerter, you can use one, or several of the options depending on what's right for you:

Inviting your event team individually or in bulk from the Desktop

Once your invites are sent they will receive an automated email from Blerter, with the subject ‘Blerter - You’ve received an invitation to join: NAME’.
This email will include a link that will take them directly to the Event Check in Process.  They will now also be able to view and manage the event at www.blerter.desktop.com. If they open it on mobile they will be directed straight to the App store or Google Play to download the Blerter App.

From the main menu select Team

  1. Select Invite Team Members

  2. a) Choose to add an individual person(s) in the pop up box (best for or up to 5x people)
    b) For more people select Bulk Invites: Import
    c) If you have a list in Excel/Sheets you can Bulk Invites: Download Template to copy and paste the team members and their details across.

  3. Ensure all Errors have been fixed - see visual cues and prompts.

  4. Once satisfied select Send Invitations

New Crew Members - Email Invitation

An email can be sent to your chosen database of users in either a direct or bulk email.  In the email we recommend the following details being included for a successful onboarding process with the highest number of users:

  • Check out a recommended email template we use to invite Team Members

  • Introduce Blerter and why it is important that they sign up and use Blerter as the main source of communication for your event, and comment on how their involvement will lead to the overall success of the event. 

  • Include the Event Code for a seamless check in experience 

  • Lead them to the Blerter ‘Getting Started Page’  and support links. 

Remember, make sure your users check their SPAM/junk mail if they haven’t received a Blerter email, and mark support@blerter.com as a friendly contact!

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