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Team Member Introductory Email
Team Member Introductory Email

This email template provides some information you can send to new and existing team members to introduce Blerter to your event.

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Below we have provided an example of an email that you can send to new and existing team members of your event.  This template is most useful when you have a mixture of both existing and new staff joining an Event on Blerter. 

This is a template only, and should be tailored to suit each event as required. Simply add or remove the information you want to communicate to your team.



We are implementing a mobile app called Blerter to provide you with a direct method of communication to the [ORGANIZATIONAL TEAM NAME] who co-ordinates the event.  Importantly it provides the event with a way of communicating critical messages back to you and the rest of our crew at once via a push notification.

 We are using the app to support our existing communication processes.  It provides a direct link from you and the team on the ground to the [ORGANISATIONAL TEAM NAME] from which we can co-ordinate a response to support and guide you.  Through Blerter we can capture much more information about incidents and potential risks so we do not lose the information and have good records following the event.  

It is important to note that Blerter does not replace your Emergency Services call (i.e USA 911/ NZ 111) call in an emergency situation.  You should only use Blerter once an incident is under control and it is safe to do so, as per your event emergency processes.  

For full events Getting Started Instructions, please go to Getting Started page

 Already on Blerter?

Great! Feel free to join directly by search [EVENT NAME] and type in the Event Code [XXXXX2018]. If you need a refresh on how to join an event or send a Blert there is some more information for you at Blerter Getting Started articles

New to Blerter? Welcome! 


First, download the Blerter app to your Android or iOS device (smartphone or tablet). Search for ‘Blerter’ in your Google Play or App Store

  • Once downloaded, create an account with your name and email address.

  • Once logged in, search [EVENT NAME]  and and type in the Event Code [XXXXX2018I

  • If you don’t have the code, simply ‘Request to Join’ and the team will respond at the soonest.  


To enter the event you will need to complete the check in

  1. From the left side menu, tap on Event, then tap Check In next to the project name

  2. Review and acknowledge the current Alerts, Hazards, Documents and other information

  3. Documents need to be read and acknowledged before you can move forward. Tap on the document to open it. 

  4. Tap Check In at the bottom of the screen once you’ve acknowledge all information. If you are stuck here - ensure all information is ticked/ acknowledged

  5. Once checked in, you will be taken to the Event Dashboard  


When a situation arises that you need to inform the Event Management team, send them a blert with all the information.  Check out our Check-In and Send a blert video

  1. Tap on the Blert icon on the Bottom toolbar (middle icon) 

  2. Select the type of issue you want to report and then fill in the details on the next screen
       a) Be as specific as possible about what happened and, if relevant and possible, include athlete numbers or participants name and surname
       b) The location will automatically default to your current location. You can update your exact location by tapping on the pin icon.
       c) Include all the people that are involved. You can free type names and athlete numbers or select a crew member by tapping the + icon.
       d) Add an image whenever possible
       e) Tap Send (top right)

  3. An acknowledgement notification will be sent from the event organization team as they action your Blert. Note: Reply time may vary depending on other activities happening.

  4. You can add comments to Blerts if the situation changes or you have additional information. Managers might also add comments if they require more information or have suggestions for how you can respond to a situation. Keep an eye out for notifications about comments on Blerts you’ve sent.  


Select RunSheet in the top menu to see a live and up to date view of what is happening at the event. Tap the 'following star' on the right hand side to get notifications about the activity starting or finishing.
The RunSheet is updated in real time so you won't miss anything. 

More information can be found at at Blerter Getting Started or email

We’re looking forward to you joining our team for this year’s [EVENT NAME] , thank you for your support.

Have a great day!

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