Manage Tasks 

The Blerter Tasks allows Event Managers and Team Leaders to create and manage Tasks and assign them to other team members.

Assign Tasks 

  • Assign tasks to any Blerter user connected to your business or project - including contractors

  • Re-assign tasks to a different user

  • Clearly see who tasks have been assigned to

How to assign assign/reassign Task on Mobile

 1. From the Event Dashboard tap on the Tasks icon.
2. Choose a Task you wish to assign/reassign.
3. Tap on the Edit button in the top right corner.
4. On the Task information screen tap on Assignee.
5. Select a new Assignee from any of your event Team Members
6. Tap Save in the top right corner. 

How to view Tasks assigned to you

If a Task is assigned to you, you will receive a Push Notification and the task will shown under To Do in Blerter.

  1. From the main navigation panel select To Do. 

  2. The list of all Tasks currently assigned to you will appear. 

  3. Select the Task you wish to view.

  4. 4. Tap on the square button next to the tasks title to mark Task as either Complete or Closed, move them to Trash or reassign the Task to someone else.
     *Note, all changes you make will be visible in the Task history

How to view Tasks you assigned to others

If you reassign a task to another person, this task will show as a Sent task.

  1. While on the To Do page, click on Sent next to Inbox at the top of the page to see all Tasks that you assigned to others. 

  2. Select a Task you wish to view or update.

  3. Tap on square next to the Task title to edit the status of the Task. 

Create a new Task from your To Do Page

You can create a new Task by tapping on + icon in the bottom right corner.

Note that the tasks you create from your To Do page will not be attached to any project and can only be assigned to people from your Network. 

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