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About Group Chat

A quick and simple way to have Real-Time Conversation with groups or individuals. Create groups in Planning stage or add them on the day

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Not everything around health and safety always requires creating Hazards, Alerts or Incidents or sending Blerts. Sometimes you just need to have a general conversations with a person or group.

That’s why Blerter has a built-in group chat feature where you can start conversations with anyone who is part of your Organization or Event.  

Create a New Group Chat

Start a new group chat in 3 simple steps: 

  1. Select the Conversation bubble on your Home page
    Select the three dots in the top right corner 

  2. Select Create GroupChat

  3. Select participants. This can be a single person or multiple members
    Add Context with a subject line and a photo (if needed)

    Save and Start Chatting


You and your group members will get Push Notifications when someone starts a new chat or when comments on an existing conversation you are part of. 

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