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Connecting through Group Chat & Comments
Connecting through Group Chat & Comments

Learn the difference between comments and GroupChat conversations and how to maximize communications at your event.

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The Power of Comments and Conversation in one place

Blerter offers a flexible platform to support the way your team's communication works.  Keep your  private conversations or group chats in a central location on Blerter as a single source of truth, making it easier to find your conversations and the information so you can keep moving forward. 

Communication flows effortlessly between mobile and desktop, so tracking your teams activity, giving feedback and staying in sync from anywhere with push notifications keeping you up to date. 

At Blerter we recommend you create your main conversation groups before the event day so you are ready to go and haven’t accidentally missed someone when you are in a rush. Don’t worry - it’s super easy to create groups on the fly on during the event.  Make sure you look at all the groups your created after the event to help you plan your groups for the next event. 

Comments and Conversation in Blerts. 

Before you acknowledge and/or action a Blert, you might require additional information from the person who reported it, or you may want to give them instructions they need to quickly follow until one of your team gets there. Being able to assist your team through these comments and conversation gives them the awareness to respond to critical situations with your team by their side. 

The Comments function is perfect for that.

  1. Select the Blert you want to manage either from the Notifications page or from the Blerts page directly from your Dashboard. 

  2. At bottom of the page until you see the Comments section.

  3. You can start the comments by acknowledging the Blert with a specific question or simply tab the + icon, the person who sent the Blert will receive a notification and can reply to your comment.

  4. All comments added here will also show in your Conversations area.
    Note: Select Conversations from the bottom menu to view all your conversations.

 Note that you can only add comments until the Blert has been actioned. Once it has been converted you can no longer add comments because all discussion should now be captured in the next stage of the Blert as a linked Hazards, Incident, or Document. 

Creating Effective Event Conversation Groups 

Create different groups for your Event teams such as Managers and Team Leaders, Marshalls, Courses, and interest groups to improve collaboration and make sure that all team members are on the same page. Blerters Conversations lets you instantly send messages and pictures to multiple people at once while seamlessly keeping a conversation going through all the event stages from planning, to pack in and being live on event day. 

Group conversations can increase your efficiencies by 

  • Creating a culture of transparency, keeping people aware of what is happening across teams promotes teamwork in large collaborative work environments. 

  • Encourage quick and concise responses, especially in time critical situation or when tasks have been completed or delayed. 

  • Only include team members who are relevant to the situation, this will eliminate the noise. 

  • If the conversation  veers off course, bring it back or suggest it be moved to another conversation. 

  • Where possible try contain the conversation to a single conversation/ issues instead of trying to follow multiple conversations occurring at the same time. 

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