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Create and Duplicate RunSheet activities
Create and Duplicate RunSheet activities
Create RunSheet activities from your Desktop. Save & Duplicate to quickly add more activities at the same event.
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How to create a RunSheet activity on Desktop 

Note:  RunSheet on mobile is View Only. 

  1. Select the RunSheet on the desktop menu 

  2. Click the Add Activity in the top right hand corner

  3. The Add New Activity form will open. Fill in as many details as possible:
    *Note All activity details/times etc. can be edited at a later time if you are still busy planning your event 

Activity Name: this will show in the Description
Starts: activity start time
Select the activity add ons which apply
Finish Time: activity end time or deadline
Duration: no specific end time, but an approximate duration the activity will last for.
Notes: additional information users need to be aware of regarding the activity
Owner: Select any Team Members to be accountable for this activity. Name Defaults for user adding the activity.
Location: Describe either a specific place or location
Remove Activity information:
Remove activity add ons by selecting the appropriate Remove at the bottom of the pop up before selecting Save.  If you input information before selecting remove this will be stored incase you change your mind. Once you hit save the information will be deleted. 

Save the RunSheet activity 

There are two option to saving your activity to save you time and keep your workflows fast and efficient. 

  • Select Save if you have no more activities to add

  • Select Save & Duplicate if you want to keep adding activities with similar information. All details can be edited. You will be notified when your activity has been saved successfully and added to your RunSheet. 

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