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Manage and Edit RunSheet Activities
Manage and Edit RunSheet Activities
Real-time RunSheet allows the event schedule to live. Change activity times, descriptions and update the team if it's on track or delayed.
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Manage a RunSheet activity

Edit a RunSheet activity 

  1. Double Click the activity you want to edit 

  2. The Edit form will open. 

  3. Update the changes you want to make

  4. Select Save 

Update, Start, Complete or Delete an activity
To update an activity select the icon in the Actions column, this will intuitively give you the option to Duplicate, Edit, Start, Complete or Delete the activity and update your Team Members RunSheets in real time.

A pop up confirmation will appear as the activity update actions cannot be undone. 

Duplicate Activity from the Action icon will instantly add the new activity line to the RunSheet.  It will not bring up the pop up box as when you are creating a New Activity. 

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