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Group Invites Through QR Codes

QR codes and groups are an easy way to mass onboard members you don't have contact details

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Blerter groups are a great way to invite unknown team members onto Blerter at once. Groups also coincide with Blerter Channels, adding the groups into the right channel at the right Permission set. When you add a user group β€” Medical, Managers, Security for example β€” every member in the group will be automatically added to the associated Channel.

We use QR Codes to onboard the user groups members.

As a channel admin or manager, you can add, disable, or modify user groups, as well individual members as needed.

It is common for channels and groups to have the same names as it is an easy way to connect the two together. Keep in mind that user group names must be unique. If a name is already in use as a group or channel name as another user group's name, it won't be available.

Create a Group and QR Code

  1. Browse to the Groups page on the left

2. Select Add Group to the right

3. Choose a Name and include a Description

3. Select Save - This will create the Group, then...
a) The Invite Link will be automatically generated. This link can be added to emails or written communications.
b) The QR Code will be automatically generated. The visual cue can be added to posters, emails, attachments.

4. View the Channels section to see assigned channels, channel type and what permission level has been set

​To remove the group from the channel:

Select the Assigned Channel > Groups > Action toggle > Delete (or Edit to edit group permission)

5. View People below Groups to see the list of team members in the group

Select the Action toggle to Edit permissions or Delete

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