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Adoption Guide 1: Get Your Team on Blerter
Adoption Guide 1: Get Your Team on Blerter

Blerter is all about togetherness and getting your team on board! So let's touch on the different roles and permissions within Blerter.

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Invite your colleagues to join you on Blerter.

Blerter is all about togetherness and getting your team on board! So we're thinking now is a good time to touch on the different roles and permissions that sit within Blerter.

We will often refer to two types of users, your Organizational Staff, who are your immediate organizing team; and your Event Team, which can be anyone from volunteers to suppliers to contractors.  

Organizational Staff

The Organizing Staff is the core team  - each event will have different set up, but these are the guys and girls that are key to the success of your event, and who you want to have access to the Blerter Desktop.  

The Organizing staff, simply put, is the core team that put in their blood, sweat, tears (and some sleepless nights) as you plan and execute the event. 

There are three different types of permissions, they aren't hierarchal in order, the staff member can either perform the function or they cannot.

Manages Organization can edit the business details and manage the subscription and billing. This will most likely be the event owner.

Manages Employees has the ability to invite new staff to the Organization, manage their permission and also remove them from the Organization. This is normally managed by the event owner along with one to two other staff members who share accountability for who is a staff member.

Manage Events gives access to creating new events and joining other events within the Organization.

Note - It's not uncommon for a user to have all three permission types. Whether you’re a small or large business, we want you to have the flexibility to be able to organize your event to whatever works best.  

You can also change these permissions at any time. Changing the person’s permission status means that they will either have more authority to do more on the Blerter platform or have further restrictions. 

Event Team Roles

Event Roles give you the ability to customize and build an event team that can successfully deliver your event. Unlike Organizational Permissions these are hierarchal, so you can select what access the team member will have and what they’re accountable for. Event Roles are specific to each event and are not connected to any other events within your organization. This means you’ll have flexibility in allocating different roles to your staff for each event.
Here is how to Invite your Team from within Blerter

Event Managers 

Event Managers can plan, coordinate and are accountable for all aspects of the event. This includes setting up the event, managing details in real-time, integrating workflows and onboarding your crew. You’ll also have access to the event geolocation feature, which will help with the visibility over the event. This role is for your core, high-level event team and will enable them to have full functionality over Team Leaders and Crew.

Team Leader 

Team Leader can manage Blerts and convert them to incidents/hazards etc. They can also start/complete RunSheet items, send alerts, manage incidents & hazards. Your event Team Leaders support your event managers with high-level tasks, however, they can’t edit the event or any of the event details.


Crew can view details, follow activities on the RunSheet and #BlertAboutIt. Like Incidents, Blerts sent are private and can be viewed by Team Leaders and Managers, but not other Crew members. Crew cannot send out Alerts, create Hazards etc. but they can view the information the Event Team added to Blerter like Hazards, RunSheets, Info and Documents.

We recommend taking some time whilst setting up your Event Team to ensure they have been given the right roles to perform their duties. Each event will have a different set of priorities depending on the event workforce. For example, area marshals and group or division leaders can be classed as Team Leaders or Crew depending on how controlled and private you want to be whilst managing Blerts.

You know your event best so it's important to take the time to set it up for success.

Blerter Playground Task: Organization Owner: Start inviting your team! The sooner you invite your team to Blerter, the sooner they can get on board with the lessons and trainings. 

Head to the Desktop: Organization Staff → Invite → Add person(s) details, select their permission, add them to the Playground and assign an Event Role → Validate → Send. Nice one! You've completed your first task!

Tip: If the validate picked up some inaccuracies, fix them and hit validate again before you can hit Send

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