Master the Playground and make it your own.


As an Event Manager we understand that you may be a little detail orientated... okay okay VERY detail orientated. To help you keep tabs on your experience in events might have led you to master most elements, including the environment, the food and providing a great time for your attendees. Mastering these is no easy task so hats off. To take a bit of that pressure off  You have mastered your event, from the environment, the lights, the delicious food, you know your attendees like you know your runsheet - you've mastered all the elements, so why wouldn't you want that in Blerter too?

Each new Organization is equipped with the Blerter Playground, which is one of the key features on the platform. The Playground is the perfect opportunity for you to test and map out how you would like to set up your event. Make mistakes, adapt and try different scenarios, without having to worry about affecting your event data. With each of our lessons, you will have examples in the Playground to refer to and explore as you look to integrate your event activity into Blerter.

The exciting part is that every event organiser has a different way of managing their event and with the numerous functions in Blerter, you will be provided with various options to help ensure your event is a success.

The next steps we will cover some of our Blerterisms as we create a new event. Your task for this session will be changing the Playground event details to your relevant details so you can see it in action.

Grab your team or individually open up Blerter Desktop and then we can walk you through it.

You should now have a better understanding of the features above so it’s time to launch you into this event. When you create your new events simply select All Events → Add (in top right corner). For now we are going to edit the Playground so select the event and then 'Edit' in the top right corner. You can reach the Edit from Event → Dashboard as well. The 'Create New Event' and 'Edit Event' steps are exactly the same so there won't be any surprises when you create yours.
We're going to throw some terminologies at you, this link will explain a bit more if you need it. 

Blerter Playground Task: Now it's time to create your own event. If you work as a Team only the event owner needs to do this. Discuss best options whilst they create the event, or after the event has been created.

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