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All About The Console

What is it & why is it important

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What is the Console?

The Console provides a single view on all the real-time activities going on at your event. It allows you to update in real time to give you a relevant and informed recollection of what's being communicated between your team members. You can also highlight where your priorities lie to efficiently distribute your resources to where they matter most.

It's important to point out that the Console is only available on desktop, but that doesn't mean you'll be left out if you run a mobile event. The mobile dashboard will allow you to perform just as effectively and don’t worry about the detail just yet, we'll touch on that in a few sessions.

Why is it important?

Seeing Blerts come into the Console in real-time will give you guidance as to what your event team is actively talking about. It's helpful to look for patterns within the Blerts and comms that come through, as it will often highlight event inconsistencies, issues, or where your attendees experience is different to the one that's intended. 

Some situations you can sort out straight away, but some may need to be looked at for your planning next time. The console is there to highlight this so you can deal with Blerts needing immediate action or simply close the Blert if the situation is dealt with, which will keep your screen only showing relevant information.

Blerter Tip! Look out for increased activities and engagement if there is a commotion in a particular area. Or, are similar suggestions coming through from the team and are your attendees repeatedly asking the same questions about your event? This tells you to go check out the situation - send an alert or add more info to make them happy!

Configurable & flexible to work for you and your event

We understand that flexibility throughout events is paramount and that each event will have a different focus and priority. That's why we’ve created a console that is designed to help manage and steer these essential elements to ensure your event is a success.

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