The Console - Your Events Birds Eye View

The desktop includes the Blerter Console, which provides a single view on all the real-time activities going on at your event. The console allows you to update in real time to give you a relevant and informed recollection of what's being communicated between your Team Members. You can also highlight where your priorities lie to efficiently distribute your resources to where they matter most.

It's important to point out that the Console is only available on Desktop, but that doesn't mean you'll be left out if you run a mobile event. The Mobile Dashboard will allow you to perform just as effectively and don’t worry about the detail just yet, we'll touch on that in a few sessions.

The story the Console Tells

Seeing Blerts come into the Console in real-time will give you guidance as to what your event team is actively talking about. It's helpful to look for patterns within the Blerts and comms that come through, as it will often highlight event inconsistencies, issues, or where your attendees experience is different to the one that's intended. 

Blerter Tip! Look out for increased activities and engagement if there is a commotion in a particular area! Or, are similar suggestions coming through from the team and are your attendees repeatedly asking the same questions about your event. This let's you know to go check out the situation, send at Alert or add more Info to make them happy!

Some situations you can sort out straight away, but some may need to be looked at for your planning next year. The console is there to highlight this for you so you can deal with Blerts needing immediate action or simply close the Blert if the situation is dealt with, which will keep your screen showing only relevant information. You can still access the closed Blert by selecting 'Blerts' on the left side of the menu bar.

Configurable and flexible to work for you and your event

We understand that flexibility throughout events is paramount and that each event will have a different focus and priority. That's why we’ve created a console that is designed to help manage and stear these essential elements to ensure your event is a success. 

Follow new, acknowledged and actioned Blerts, We recommend you set best practices for your team on what the set up looks like so that you can create consistency and allow your team to focus on what you want them to.

The Blerts that have been converted to Incidents are also highlighted for you with a ton of visual cues for Low (Grey), Medium (Orange) And High (Red) so you can prioritize what you want to focus on next and then delegate to your team what resources are required. 

Each block of information can be sorted by any of the columns. For Blerts you may choose that you want to sort them by the time they were sent and Incident by Harm or Severity.

Blerter Tip! the squared arrow in the first column opens a quick access pop up so you never have to leave the Console screen - your welcome!

Blerter Playground Task:

Now it's time to change yours in the Playground Event → Console → Configure → simply Drag and Drop or Select ‘Edit’ or ‘Remove’ Tile as required → Update Panel Settings → Save

Best Practice Tip: We do recommend that your organization keep to the same Console layout for organizational continuity, as this will ensure any member of staff can pick up where the last member left off.

Once you have your configurations set to how you like - switch to your event and replicate it there.

From event to event the Ops Centre set up can be so different (you might not have one at all). If your event doesn't need an Ops Centre then the mobile version will still give you all the same capabilities, it's just not viewable like the Desktop version is.

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