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Adoption Guide 10: Bring your Runsheet to Life!
Adoption Guide 10: Bring your Runsheet to Life!
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Bring Your Runsheet to Life!  

As Event Organizers, we all love a good run sheet, as many hours go into planning, adjusting and moving and deleting items to ensure that the schedule/run sheet is accurate. By using Runsheets in Blerter you can help these key performances come alive all with the ease of having it on once device. Not only will your team, see what's happening, but they will also know if something has changed or has been rescheduled. We all know an event schedule is a living document and that's what Blerter can help you manage, rather than needing to print and reprint a run sheet, you can simply adjust to your liking.

You can start adding run sheet items as soon as you have activities confirmed. For instance, you may have booked the hire company to come onsite 7 days out from the event and start setting up the marquees from 7am - you can add this to the run sheet as soon as it is locked in.
Note - Your planning team will also be able to add to the runsheet. 

When your event team, such as Marshalls, venue managers, suppliers and volunteers join Blerter, they can personalize their own runsheet by 'Following' all the relevant items for themselves. The event team can do this when they are on the mobile app in the main Runsheet by selecting the star next to the activity they want to Follow. This will then create a customized Runsheet for them in the 'My Followed' tab.  If there are any changes to the activities they have followed they will then be notified.

Runsheets allow you to add as much or as little detail as you want. The minimum that you need to include is the start time and activity name. If you like to add lots of detail you can also add in a finish time (which automatically updates the duration of the activity), a location of where it is happening (i.e volunteer tent, start/finish line), who is responsible for the item and also any notes about the activity.

Along with these details, you also get to choose who will be notified when the activity is started, finished and if it is rescheduled. Don't worry if you are unsure if you want people to be notified or not, you can always change this when you 'start' an activity or when you reschedule one. It will be personal preference who you decide to notify and who you don't, most events want their key activities to be notified, such as when the event starts or if there is a delay in it starting.

Your three options to Notifications your team are:
None - No one will be notified
Followers Only - Your team members who 'Followed' the activity as we touched on before.
Entire Team - Your whole team will be notified, these are the big key items that your whole team needs to be aware of.

It's important to understand the difference between Runsheet notifications and Alerts.

  • Runsheet notification will be something that is actually scheduled, you have planned for it. For example ‘The Half Marathon has started’.

  • An Alert would be a message about something that isn't scheduled but you want to communicate with all your team members, such as ‘10 minutes until Half Marathon Starts’.

Made a mistake? No problem, simply double click, or select edit from the actions menu - it's your live runsheet so change it as often as you need. 

Blerter Playground Task

Go into the Playground and add 4 Runsheet activities that you would have at your event and have a play around using all the boxes then select duplicate and save.

Edit the details on the 'copied' item to a new Runsheet item and save
Blerter Tip - Open your mobile to see what the Runsheet looks like in there.

Once you've created a few activities on Desktop jump back onto the RunSheet page and start the first activity from the Actions column.
Note - the Status column has changed to 'On now'.
Complete the activity in the actions column again.

Next go to your mobile, you will see the activity you have updated on the desktop - then do the same for the next few activities from your mobile. Simply select the grey box column with the time and the same start, then notify and complete options with pop up.

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