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Social sign in's are now live

Blerter introduces social sign in and ramps up user security with Auth0

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April, 2020 Blerter release 6.2

Customers logging into Blerter will be noticing a new appearance to the login panel this week as Blerter have upgraded the process to improve convenience for end users accessing our products across all of the platforms.

Something to watch for is that Users who are already logged in will be asked to login again. Let us know if you have any queries about this change
As always, we are here to help! 

Social sign in 

Social login is a form of single sign-on using existing information from a social networking service such as Facebook, Apple or Google+, to sign into Blerter instead of creating a new login account. No need to keep remembering a million passwords, simply click your preferred network and you're in, every time!

Increased security with our Auth0 integration

The new login procedure uses the services of a well known “identity” provider, Auth0. Auth0 provides a secure integration for our existing username and password logins, but also provides best-practice integration with other convenient security providers already known to customers such as Google, Facebook and Apple.
Auth0 helps us provide a faster, easier and safer sign in for all our new and existing Blerter customers.

We also did a bunch of bug and UI fixes to give you the best Blerter experience. Here are just a few

  • Event Settings page for quick 'Event Details' updates 

  • A new layout for your Home Page 

  • Effortlessly switch between Channels on mobile with the Channel selector

  • Quick access to the last events your Checked-In to

  • Group Chat updates 

  • Much much more... 

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