If you want to duplicate an event, or if a new event contains the same information as the ones before, you don't need to enter all the event information from the ground up. Instead, use the Event Templates functionality to create your complete event once, and then simply copy this when you set up your new event.

This is super handy and a real-time saver when your events have similar setup information for Channels, Runsheet, Info documents, and any other workflows.

Save time, reduce your workload and enjoy a consistent and streamlined event delivery with Event Templates.

Creating your Event Template

In your Organization:

  1. In the left-hand menu select Event Templates

  2. Here you can view a list of your organizational templates, or select Add to create a new one.

  3. Give the template a Name and Description so you can reference it easily in the future. Sharing is automatically set to the Organization so only you and your team can see the template.

  4. Start from:
    Existing event: Build the template from an already existing event on Blerter. This is helpful if you already have an event set up you love, or want to use as a starting point. You can edit the Template as desired once it is has been created.
    Blank template: This gives you a clean and fresh template to start with. It only has the Everyone and Management Channels and Groups in the template.
    What comes across from your event:

  1. Select Next
    If you selected Blank template this will take you straight to your new template to start building your desired event.

  2. Existing Template Instructions continue here.

  3. Choose the event you want to duplicate and select Next

8. Event Confirmation - Select Save to confirm this is the correct event to duplicate or select Back to choose another event.

9. Template created! Congratulations you are ready to start rocking with your new template.

Purple Editor Mode: you will know you are in the Template Editor when you see the purple banner across the top of the page.

Next Steps
The next steps are tidying up, correcting, and updating the information

  1. Step through your Event Settings and update as needed

  2. Work through your Channels and Groups to make sure they reflect how you want to structure your event template.

  3. In each Channel work through your Alerts, Info, Hazards, and Runsheets
    Remove items: Archive anything you no longer require

Blerter Tip!
Keep Alerts, Hazards, and Info in a draft state. When you create a new event and update the items to reflect the details of the new event you can publish them. This will clearly show which documents still need updating before your event goes live!

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