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Integration Instructions | Volunteer Local
Integration Instructions | Volunteer Local

Get rolling and set up your event with Volunteer Local and Blerter

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Below is a guide to setting up your event and connecting Blerter and Volunteer Local for a streamlines Volunteer experience.

Pre Integration Checklist

Here are a set of tasks that need to be completed before you connect Blerter and Volunteer Local. There is no specific order but it's important to that they are all completed for a successful integration.

Connecting Blerter and Volunteer Local

Now that both events have been created, let's get your Volunteers on board!

  1. Log into your account at Volunteer Local:

  2. Navigate to Account->Settings

  3. Scroll down to the Blerter integration area.

  4. Click the "Connect your Blerter account" button, and you will be able to Log in via our secure AuthO connection. Please ensure you use the same Email and Password (or Social Login) that you used to create the event.

  5. Log in

  6. Your Blerter events and groups will appear. Check the box(es) of any groups you want to push volunteers to.

Step 2 > Navigate to Settings

Step 4-5 > Log in and sync to Blerter account

Step 6 > Event and Group Selection

Step 2: Synchronize data within VolunteerLocal

A. Method 1: Synchronize an entire event.

1. Go to Volunteers->Report and select an event
2. Click to expand the “Data Sync Integration” tab at the top of the report.
3. Use the checkboxes at the top to narrow down the sync by volunteer shift-time or signup time. 4. When you are ready, click the button to “Sync to Blerter.”

B. Method 2: Synchronize a single volunteer profile.

1. Go to Volunteers->Report and select an event
2. Click the “Sync volunteer data with Blerter” button to synchronize individual data.

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