Sending a Blert

You are the organizer eyes and ears, so send feedback, make suggestions, report anything that will make the event a better experience for you, the organizers and of course every else attending the event.

  1. Select the +Blert button on the home screen, or if you are in a channel the +B button will be in the bottom right-hand corner

  2. Choose the channel you want to send a message in. Your event team may have a specific one for you

  3. Let the team know what happened

  4. Add a picture, update your location or add if you need medical help

  5. Select Send in the top right-hand corner

  6. That's it! Your event team will come back to you if they need any more information, or with steps of what they would like you to do next.

The Blert Feed

The Blert Feed consolidates Blerts and Alerts into one connected space giving you instant access to the full picture and all vantage points. Drive the right actions and behaviour you need with technology, that’s proven to be effective at getting the message across, fast and effectively.

Blert Feed

  • Select Channel > Blert

  • View all the communications since you last visited the particular Channel.


  • Alerts summaries will be pinned at the top of the page to reveal critical messaging from the Management team.

  • Select particular Alert to view full Alerts details

  • Select X on the far right to remove Alert from the Blert Feed.

  • Select 'Show all' to reveal all hidden Alerts


  • Blert summaries will appear below Alerts in the most recent order of Blerts received.

  • Select particular Blert to view full Blert Details. (Acknowledge and Convert Blert)

Blert Status

  • New - New Blert needs a response. It has not been Acknowledged or Actioned

  • In Progress - Blert has been Acknowledged/ Actioned (or both) and is currently in an open state ready to be closed on completion.

  • Closed - The Blert has been resolved and closed. The Blert can still be viewed once closed by selecting the Blert.

Blert Quick Actions

Note: The text will appear in light grey once actioned

  • Comment - Open a conversation with the Blertee, and other members of the Channel. Continue commenting on the Blert until it has been Actioned.

  • Acknowledge - Channel Managers can acknowledge the Blert with the next steps, guidance, instructions, or continue the dialogue about the situation as it unfolds.

  • Action - Create a new (or link an existing) Incident, Hazard, Document, or Alert for the Blert. No further steps or Edits can be made to the Blert once Actioned.

  • Close - The Blert has been resolved and closed. The Blert can still be viewed once closed by selecting the Blert.

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