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Rich Text Editing

Create, edit and format documents with Blerter

Written by Coco Lo
Updated over a week ago

Blerter's new rich-text editor allows you to create, edit and format documents; so you can break down the most crucial information in enhanced, formatted text for easy digestion on event day.

Whether you want to highlight specific sections of your health and safety plan or ensure your volunteers understand what needs to be done during their onboarding process; creating accessible content using Blerter's rich-text editing is easy.

The rich-text toolbar has icons for editing and formatting your text. You may also use the rich text editor to include tables, images, links, and videos.

Creating a document:

Accessing your document:

We hope this makes it event easier for you to share information with your crew. Try our rich-text editor feature for your next event, and let us know what you think!

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