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Geolocation on Desktop

Geolocation is used to locate where you are Blerting from so that the organizers can send help to the exact spot as quickly as possible

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How to Enable GPS Geolocation on Desktop

  1. Select System Preferences.

  2. Browse to Security & Privacy.

  3. Select Location Services.

  4. Enable Location on the browser you are using.

On the off chance Geolocation is not working for you on Desktop...

We recommend:

  1. Refreshing the browser

  2. Closing and reopening the browser if the refresh is not successful

Drop a pin for pin point accuracy

Being able to move the pin on your map can increase the accuracy for the event or emergency services team. If the location isn’t exactly where it needs to be or you are not right by the accident/incident etc. moving the pin can get as specific as choosing the right side of the road.

Dropping a pin is only available on the desktop

  1. Ensure you have created a new or are in an existing Blert.

  2. Refer to the ‘Locations’ box.

  3. You can zoom in and zoom out by using the pinch gesture on your screen.

  4. Choose a location on the map to drop a pin.

  5. Drag the yellow pin icon on the right hand side.

To enable GPS on Mobile.

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