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How to manage events from your mobile for managers

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After learning how to use Blerter on mobile in general now we launch into what managers can do...

Your managers and team leaders have a slightly different view to your crew, this is mainly due to them being able to add Hazards, Info, Alerts or see anything about Incidents. As you go into a Hazard, Incident, Info or Alert you will notice as a manager or team leader there is a plus sign where you can click "Add" - crew members do not have the authority to view this.


Your channels are on the left hand size!

When an Organization creates an event, it is automatically provided with mandatory channels:

  1. Everyone– everyone in the event is a member

  2. Management - all users with the "event owner" role will automatically be added to this channel

  3. Then they are specific to your event

Select the icons under the name of the channel to view Documents, Run-sheets and More - which includes Alerts, Hazards, Incidents & Tasks in that specific channel.

Select "+" to add a channel or create new one.

How to add and view Documents, Run-sheets & More

When viewing Incidents select the "⋮" symbol in the top right corner to Add Documents/Import. When viewing Run-sheets and More the symbol in the right corner will be "+", select this to add Run-sheets, Alerts, Hazards, Incidents & Tasks.


Note - Members are not visible in the Everyone channel

Select Members via More, you can view members individually or in groups. When selecting Individuals you can view their details and request an updated location at the bottom. When selecting Groups you can choose a group and view the members.

Invites & Conservations

To go to the home page select the home icon in the top right corner, here you can view Invites and Conversations. Select Invites to see who's joined your events and also accepted the invitations you sent to them.

Conversations gives you quick access to all the conversations you are having about incoming Blerts, Hazards, and any Incident that may have occurred so there's no need to jump around different systems to keep up with the discussions. This is a great way to communicate with your high level team, your operations team or anyone who you need to speak with privately.

Seamlessly move from Desktop to Mobile

We encourage you to play with each feature on both the desktop as well as the mobile, you'll also find most planning will take place in the desktop.

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