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Managing incidents at your event
Managing incidents at your event

Manage incidents through editing, updating incident templates & assigning them to a specific user

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Managing incidents

Once your incident is published you can start to record, manage and communicate the Incident. Any information added here will be visible to all managers who have project roles that enable them to view Incidents.

Editing an incident

To edit the details, select the edit icon in the top right of both desktop & mobile.

Update incident template

We understand that incidents can change over time, whether the incident escalated, reduced in severity or the wrong template was initially chosen you can change the template used. However, only on desktop.

Note: Tasks that are in progress or completed will remain, however tasks not yet actioned will be removed from incident. All tasks associate with new template will appear in the incident for completion.

What happens when a new incident is added?

All new incidents will be added to both the Blerter console and incident page with the latest incident showing at the top of the page.

Note: On mobile the incident will only live within the specific channel.

All team members that have incident editing and/or viewing rights will receive a push notification informing them about the new incident in real-time. They will also receive a push notification when an existing incident is edited.

When creating your incident you will choose the priority whether the incident is viewed as Low, Medium or High. This can be edited at any stage if the incident escalates or decreases in priority.

Assigning an incident

It is important that an incident is assigned to a specific person, this person will be accountable for the incident as a whole.

All tasks will be assigned to this user, they will be able to re-assign any tasks to users as they see fit.

Note: Only users in the specific channel can be chosen.

To assign a user to an incident:

On Desktop: Select Incident > Edit > Assign > Select User > Save

On Mobile: Select Incident > Edit > Assign > Select User > Save

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