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Shared Channels

Learn how to share one of your channels, and how to accept an invitation to connect to a shared channel

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You can share a channel to connect to another Blerter event. This is perfect for collaborating with other organizations using Blerter that you have to work with while delivering events. You can even connect multiple Blerter events to a single channel - ideal for working with multiple suppliers, contractors and vendors!

There are two steps to connecting events through a shared channel:

  1. An event shares their channel and invites a user who is not from their event

  2. The user from the second event accepts the invitation and completes the channel connection to their event

Inviting an event to connect to your channel

To invite another event to connect to your channel, you must be a Channel Owner.

  1. Open the Channel Settings

  2. Go to the Sharing tab

  3. Enter the email address of the user you would like to connect with

  4. Click Invite

If the email address belongs to a Blerter user, this will send them an invitation via email and in the Blerter Desktop application so they can continue the connection process. This user will need to be an Admin or Manager on the event to complete the connection.

If the email address belongs to someone who is not yet a Blerter user, they will need to either join or create an event to continue the process.

Accepting a shared channel connection

If you have received an invitation for a shared channel, you can complete the connection on Blerter desktop.

  1. Open and accept the invitation

  2. Select the event that you would like to connect to (note to complete the connection, you must select an event where you have the event Admin or Manager role)

  3. Click Next

  4. You can give the channel a name and code that is relevant to your event

What next? Collaborate in the shared channel!

Shared channels are very similar to a regular channel! You can collaborate in the channel like any other Blerter channel.

  • Add users - both sides of the connection can add users to the channel with typical channel role permissions.

  • Communicate - Blert it out! Both sides will receive Blerts and notifications so that everyone can stay up to date

  • Manage Incidents - both sides can create and collaborate on incidents. When you create and incident, you can only use your event's template

...and more!

Users external to your event will be indicated with the link icon. You can open the user's profile to see more about them and the event they have been connected through.

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