From the Organization home page, select Events > ADD to create a new event.

Complete relevant Event Details with the Name, Description and Image. Following this step you will be asked to enter location details before selecting CREATE.

Location Details
   a) Where is the name of the site/ venue/ building etc.
   b) Physical address for the Geolocation to activate
   c) Geofence Radius is dependent on your venue size (min. 200 meters required) 

Next Steps:

Open the event up and head to the Settings page from the left-hand menu.

Details and Location
You can edit the original details here at any stage before or during the event.


Once you've uploaded an evacuation plan in the Everyone > Documents you can then select the plan. This can be attached to Alerts if you need to send an evacuation message to your entire event team.


This allows you the ability to Check-out all event members from the event


Event Status

The event status relates to what stage your event cycle is in.
In the Planning and Complete status, only members of your organization can see your event.
Active status means it is open to the public and your wider event team can now start joining.
Recommendation: Activate your event BEFORE you send the invite email to your team - otherwise your team won't be able to access your event.

For more on events status - read this article

Event Visibility

The event visibility relates to who can access your event.

Invitation Only - our highest security event. The members need to belong to the organization AND be invited in to join your event.

Staff only - the members need to belong to your organization to be able to access the event.

Anyone - open to members of the public with a QR code. this can be your volunteers, suppliers, contractors, vendors, etc.

Recommendation: Select Anyone BEFORE you send the invite email to your team - this allows a quick onboarding process without them getting stuck at the 'Check-In' stage.

Check in

This page is important to highlight safety instructions, environmental observations and reminder for staff to send Blerts to the Organizational team.
   a) Check In And Check Out allows you to automatically prompt your crew to check-in and out when they enter or leave the Event Geo radius.

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