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Guide to Getting Your Organization Set Up
Guide to Getting Your Organization Set Up

Set up the Organizational Dashboard, Edit the Company details and Export Reports for important event learnings.

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Setting up your Organization in is an easy process and provides you with the direct line to your account, billing, licensed staff and a full overview of all your Organizations events. 

Organizational  Dashboard

The Dashboard creates an overview of your organization, quick links to your organizational reports, it also includes your teams activities and risk levels. 

It is important to enter as much detail into the Organizations Profile as possible as this will be attached to all your future events for Staff and Crew to view. 

Export Report: 

Select Report → Select start and finish date → Select Status(es) → File Type → Generate

Excel TroubleShoot:

If you are unable to open the document in Excel, you can easily open in it Google Docs without an account and convert it. 

Download the document onto your desktop (or in your Computer Downloads) → Start a new document → Blank → File → Open → Upload → Drag and Drop the File OR ‘Select a file from your computer’. 

Once open convert to Excel by: File → Download as → Select Format

Activity View: 

Activity highlights all the reported activities across all your events. 

Select from the drop down menu for a detailed view of featured activities. 

Update Your Organizational Profile

  1. Select ‘Dashboard’ under Organization from the left side menu

  2. Follow the EDIT button at the top right hand corner to edit your Organizational profile, contact details, Manager information and include logos for crew to easily identify with your organization. 

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