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Setting up a Trial Account or New Organization in Blerter,
Setting up a Trial Account or New Organization in Blerter,

Guide to setting up a new business in Blerter. Continue through the Buy Now process if you are on a trial period.

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Welcome to Blerter - let's get you set up! 

Firstly, welcome to Blerter and thank you for signing on!
Wether you are a new customer or joining us for a trial, we are excited to have you and your team on board. Running your events on Blerter allows you to reduce your response times to operational incidents by deploying resources faster

Setting up a new Organization 

If you have received a link from one of our Sales Team, please follow the link and then follow on from Step 2. 

  1. Follow the link to

  2. Select 'Create an Account?'

  3. Complete details form and select the blue 'Create Account' at the bottom of the page 

  4. Complete your Organization details
    Country - if your country is not available, select the closest option, this will not affect the product.
    If your country is not available and features on this list, please contact
    Agree to Blerter Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy 

  5. Next 

  6. Help us learn more about you and your Organization or select Skip

  7. Select Save 

Once you hit Save your Organization has been successfully created.
Form here you can choose to learn more about Blerter at
Or get stuck in and Add Staff to Blerter or Create Your First Event

I'm on Trial and ready to Buy! 

You will know that you are on trail with these few limitations

  • You can invite a maximum for 5x staff to your Organization 

  • You cannot create a new Event

If you are in touch with our Sales Team they will advise you on your next steps from here, if you are unsure please enquire with your contact. 

Steps to signing up to Blerter after your trial

  1. Select the green 'Buy Now' at the top of the page 

  2. Type the number or use the + and - to reach your desired amount of users. Note the minimum of 5 users.
    Note that this number reflects your immediate team that will be working in Blerter.  Your wider event team (crew, volunteers etc.) will be added at a later stage once the has been created. They are considered Event Team Members, not your Organization's Staff

  3. Select Monthly or Annual Billing cycle 

  4. Select Buy Now

  5. Complete Company Billing details form and Proceed to Payment 

  6. Confirm your Order Confirmation
    Select 'Enter your coupon code' and fill in code if you have a code
    Select 'Back' to amend any details 

  7. Proceed to Payment 

  8. Complete Credit Card Details and select 'Confirm this payment' 

  9. You will shortly receive an invoice in your email or head to the 'Account' page to view all Invoices and Manage your Account. 

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