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Now that we have our desktop Console and Dashboard covered, let's take a look at the Mobile features.

If you haven't already, download the Blerter App from the App Store or Google Play and sign in with your email and password. If it's your first event with Blerter you'll see a blank search screen, this will slowly start to populate as you join more events. Search 'Playground' and follow the Check-In process, which will show your Welcome message and Check-In questions and take you straight to your event Dashboard.

Blerter Tip! If you have a personal email, you can set up an alias account to follow the journey as your crew, you’ll just need to log in and out as you switch users (see step 1 below) 

There's a lot going on here so let's break it down:

1 - Clicking on your Profile Photo allows you to update your profile, contact our support team and view articles. Lastly the App Settings lets you update your notification and geolocation settings, change your password and log out (handy for when you play around with different users and alias accounts in the Playground)

2 - Search event to Quickly find information. The Settings allow you to edit or view the event details.

3 - Our ‘Dashboard’ is designed for quick access to our feature sets such RunSheet, Alerts, Incidents etc. When the blocks on the Dashboard are lit up in colour, this means that there is new information for you to look at. Try it with Team and note the blue colour; select any contacts name → Contact (Handy tip - see the different ways you can reach them throughout the day) then head back to Dashboard and you will see the block has been greyed out. (Don’t understand this last sentence, could you revise :))

4 - ‘View Map’ will outline your event radius  you set up when creating/editing the event.

5 - The Activity board will give you the latest updates so if you decide to close the App, you won't miss a beat.

6, 7 and 8 are rise above an event level, meaning if you have more than one event on the go you can still see all your tasks, conversations and notifications in one place - handy, we know!

6 - The ‘To Do’ feature lists the tasks you've sent and received and will arrange them by due date to keep you one step ahead of the game.

7 - ‘Conversations’ gives you quick access to all the conversations you are having about incoming Blerts, Hazards, and any Incident that may have occurred so there's no need to jump around different systems to keep up with the discussions. You can also move all of your group chats into Blerter so instead of trying to remember which comms platform you used, you can create a group chat (from the 3-dot menu) with anyone in Blerter. This great way to communicate with your high level team, your operations team or anyone who you need to speak with privately.

8 - See who's joined your events and also accepted the invitations you sent to them.

9 - The Big B! This is where your team can #BlertAboutIt when they see anything at your event or need anything from you or your event team. We cover all the ins and outs of how to send a Blert in the next tutorial.

Blerter through the eyes of your Crew

Your Managers and Team Leaders have a slightly different view to your Crew, this is mainly due to them not being able to add Hazards, Info, Alerts or see anything about Incidents. As you go into a Hazard, Incident, Info or Alert you will notice as a Manager or Team Leader there is a plus sign where you can click 'Add'. (Note - a crew member does not have the authority to view this). Here is a quick video of a Crew Members Journey as they create an account and join your event in Blerter.

Seamlessly move from Desktop to Mobile

As we go through these tutorials, we encourage you to play with each feature on both the desktop as well as the mobile and you'll find most planning will take place in the Desktop. 

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