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How to manage events from your mobile

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Now that we have our desktop Console and Reports covered, let's take a look at the Mobile features.

If you haven't already, download the Blerter App from the App Store or Google Play and sign in with your email and password. If it's your first event with Blerter you'll see a blank search screen, this will slowly start to populate as you join more events. Search for your event and follow the Check-In process, this will take you straight to your event Dashboard.

Before we start ensure you are checked in following these steps here!

Blerter Tip! If you have a personal email, you can set up an alias account to follow the journey as your crew - you’ll just need to log in and out as you switch users.

Lets break down each step:


Clicking on your profile photo allows you to update your profile and add certifications, learn more here. Selecting settings lets you update your notification and geolocation settings, change your password and log out (handy for when you play around with different users and alias accounts in the Playground).

Select the Settings symbol in the top right corner to view Settings & Support


Your channels are on the left hand size - always starting with Everyone and Management, then they are specific to your event.

Select the icons under the name of the channel to view Documents, Run-sheets and More - which includes Alerts, Hazards, Incidents & Tasks in that specific channel.

Note - Members cannot view incidents.

To view all the details about a specific Alert, Hazard, Incident or Task - select it and scroll to the bottom of screen.

Note - Members can only view Documents, Run-Sheets, Alerts & Hazards, however they can add and assign Tasks to a person. Learn how to add Tasks here.


Note - Blerts are not visible in the Everyone channel.

The Big B! This is where your team can #BlertAboutIt when they see anything at your event or need anything from you or your event team.

Select the Blerts icon under Management to view Alerts and Blerts. Select an Alert to view details, add images, comment or relate it to someone. Select a Blert to reblert, manage or comment.

Note - Members cannot manage (acknowledge, link & close) a Blert.

To send a Blert from the Blerts page (in a channel) select the "+B" icon in the bottom right corner, attach the relevant information including photos/location and send.

Alternatively to send a Blert from anywhere select "B" in the bottom left corner. You will then be taken to the event page - select "+B Blert" at the bottom, then choose a channel and send Blert.


To go to the home page select the home icon in the top left corner, from here select Conversations in the top right.

It's important to note all members can use Conversations (in mobile and desktop), however members are only able to start a conversation when on desktop.


Select the bell icon in the top right corner to view notifications, if you have more than one event on the go you can still see all your tasks, conversations and notifications in one place - handy, we know!

Select the information icon in the top right corner for Event Settings - here you can view event details, team, groups, choose evacuation plan and leave group.

To go to the event page at anytime select the "B" icon in the bottom left corner, here you can Check Out of the event.

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