Event Roles

Roles are specific to each event and then at a channel level, it is not connected to any other events within your organization. Unlike the Staff Permissions, the event role can be modified depending on the staff members’ role within each event and channel.

Example from Blerter Amazing Events:

Shaun and Sarah are both Event Managers in your organization and have permissions to Manage Events.  Shaun is the Event Manager for The Great Escape and therefore needs the high level role as an Admin so he can edit and manage the event in its entirety through the planning, live and completed event stages (EVENT STATUS LINK).

Sarah is organizing the City Soul Festival and has also set her role as an Admin. As a staff member of the company Shaun will be looking after the volunteers on the day which is why Sarah has set him up in the role of Manager at City Soul Festival.

At Blerter we understand that whilst your Organization works as a team, for an event to run successfully your team may have different roles and responsibilities of who is accountable and this features offers that versatility.

Event Roles

There are three different event roles that an associated event staff can access. Only one role can be allocated to a staff member per channel/ group however roles are interchangeable between channels, groups and events.  

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