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Essential Terms

From Blerts to channels, to organization staff & team members - here are the terms for everyday use

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A quick and easy way for you to share anything with your manger or event organizers, Blerts will only be seen by managers who will action them as needed.

Learn more about Blerts.


The event managers can share something important with the entire team through an Alert. You will receive this through a push notifications on your mobile device, so remember to allow push notifications when you set up Blerter!

Learn more about Alerts.


The channels are a way of separating different groups of people, this may be by the role, the venue, your team - it all depends on how your event team has set up the event. Think of it like radio channels, all the right people in the right place so you don't get information or communications you don't need.

If you think you should be on more channels, simply send a Blert to your event team and they can update this if it's approproate.

Learn more about Channel Roles.


There are potential risks and dangers at the event to be aware of so the team and participants stay safe. Like Alerts, the event managers will let you know about new Hazards through a push notification.

Learn more about Hazards.

Information & Documents

Where you can find additional information about your event such as maps, guidelines, schedules and more.

Learn more about Information & Documents.


Event managers can create tasks specific to a person, an Incident, an Info document etc. The tasks can then be assigned and viewed by team members to be completed, which is when they can check them off. You will receive a notification if a task is assigned to you.

Learn more about Tasks.


The Check-In process allows access into your event. Look out for important Hazards, Alerts, Documents and notes from your Event Manager. To access the Check-In page simply select the event from the event search menu. Or you may get a push notification once you enter the area the event is being held in, to remind you to check in.

For more information on Check-In.


Make sure the event managers know you are no longer on site, or working at the event by checking out of the event. Simply tap the Check-Out button from the events page.

For more information on Check-Out.


Push Notification are the best way for your events managers to keep you up to date. Make sure they are enabled so you don’t miss out.

We recommend the following settings:

Notifications → On
Background App refresh → On
Mobile Data → On

Learn more about Notifications.


Turning on the locating service (GeoLocation) simply means Blerter can pick up on your location when you use the app and automatically include it when you send a Blert. This is especially important if you are reporting Incidents or Accidents. With the GeoLocation info, the event organizers know exactly where you are and where to send help.

By opening maps and being able to drop a pin, it takes the stress away from you so you can focus on the situation at hand.  

We recommend the following settings:

Location → Always
Background App refresh → On
Mobile Data → On

Learn more about Geolocation.

Organization Staff

Permanent staff are those people who are involved in all phases of your event; planning, running and review. They are part of your team either year around or at least for many months.

Who can be Organizational staff? Organization owner, managers, event planners, regular staff and consultants, etc.

Event Team Members

Event crew are those people who usually only get involved with the running of the event. They are part of your team for a short time only - though they might get involved with a number of your events.

Who can be Event Team Members? Volunteers, casual contractors, vendors, etc.

Learn more about Event Roles.

Learn more about Channel Roles.


A record is what Blerter refers to as individual items that fall into either a Blert, Alert, Hazard or Incident.


Following a record in Blerter allows you to be kept in the loop with Push Notifications when there are new comments, or edits and updates to the record.

This can be done by selecting ‘Follow’ at the bottom of the comments box, or you will be automatically set to follow once you placed your first comment.

To Unfollow and stop receiving Push Notifications simply select ‘Follow’ again which will then take you to the page with all the followers and an opportunity to ‘Unfollow’. Note you are unable to ‘Unfollow’ any other other users.

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